The best Fortnite skins (Image credit: Epic Games) If you’re going to get a Victory Royale you should look good while you do it. Fortnite has a long list of outfits on offer, but the fact that its store rotates a small stock every couple of days makes it hard […]

Fortnitemares 2019 start time announced Fortnitemares is coming back for Halloween 2019 and it all starts at 6 am PT (6 am ET) on October 29, announced this morning via the official Fortnite Twitter. That’s tomorrow, a few days before Halloween and likely a few days after you already dressed […]

The best Fortnite costumes and cosplay Halloween is so close we can taste it, like the questionably exposed ribcage of a banana. It’s probably a bit too late to order a Halloween outfit online, but you can still get some officially licensed, moderately priced outfits at stores like Spirit Halloween. […]

Fortnite Chapter 2: Letter ‘O’ location Where is Fortnite’s hidden letter O? As part of Fortnite Chapter 2’s new Open Water challenges, players are tasked with finding a hidden O somewhere in the world. But unlike the F, there’s a handy clue that showing the O in Chapter 2’s loading […]

Fortnite creative codes: the best custom maps Legos are for chumps. The brick-to-dollar ratio is out of this world. On the verge of total economic and cosmic collapse, we must turn to Fortnite Chapter 2 in order to make blocky models of the Millenium Falcon for free. Fortnite’s Creative mode […]

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